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The idea has always been on the back of my mind.


MiNT is known for pushing the boundaries of instant cameras. SLR670 - unquestionably the finest instant camera that uses Polaroid film. TL70 - our first attempt to make a brand new instant camera from design to production. And of course the RF70 and SF70 that have forever redefined what instant cameras are capable of.

What would a MiNT film camera be like? Can MiNT make one?

Not the disposable type. Not the plastic rebranded type. If MiNT develops a 35mm camera, it would be a real, premium, compact camera with a good glass lens.

But why?

The idea has always been on the back of my mind, but I've never really seriously considered it.

First, instant cameras are my passion, inspired by Dr Edwin Land. Film cameras are kinda different.
Secondly, why do we need a new film camera when there are already so many good ones available?
Thirdly, even if we did try, it would be an incredibly daunting task. At the end of the day, we are not a big company like Canon, Nikon, Leica.

Every major manufacturer has decades of experience behind them, not to mention equipment, money, and factories... and even they are going out of business!

It makes absolutely no sense from a business perspective.

So why go ahead?

The odds are truly against us. Developing a premium film camera in 2022 is either the stupidest idea, or an endeavor that nobody's dared to try. The only reason that this might work is the supportive community. That's the only reason.

What we need right now is sheer determination and support from you to get this unthinkable project off the ground.

This is our story. Let's give it a try.


PS. I'll keep you guys updated. Meanwhile, you can find me here: @gary228ho