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Goodbye to a Crazy Year

2023 has been an incredibly productive year for Mint.

TL70 Plus: This year, we launched the first product designed and built by our new in-house design and engineering team. The result exceeded all expectations. The TL70 Plus is far better than any camera we have created thus far. You can only truly appreciate it once you've had the chance to use one, and our users can testify to that. The knowledge and insights gained from this project provide a solid foundation for the upcoming Mint_35mm camera.

SLR670 (Type_i): Expanding upon the success of the SLR670, we have incorporated i-Type film compatibility, pushing the boundaries of camera modification and setting a new benchmark for what can be accomplished in this field.

And of course, the Mint_35mm project has been making promising progress. With each passing day, we are getting nearer to completion.

The Biggest Drawback of the Original Rollei 35

The original Rollei 35 is renowned for its compactness and unique design, earning it a special place in the camera hall of fame.


  1. Not everyone can master the manual zone focus system as the focus can only be guessed.
  2. The flash can only be added as a separate accessory at the bottom of the camera, resulting in an ergonomically strange and aesthetically displeasing setup.
  3. Repairing these cameras is becoming increasingly challenging due to the scarcity of skilled technicians and parts.

I know many analog friends had high hopes when purchasing the original Rollei 35, attracted by its appearance, only to discover that the developed pictures weren't exactly what they expected.

We are about to change that.

A Heartfelt Thanks

To those who made a contribution, your names have been saved for a fastpass at the launch. Your support is invaluable.

We also want to express our appreciation to those who have made videos, written blog posts, shared with friends, and taken the time to leave comments. Your efforts have made a significant impact on this project. During our breaks between camera building sessions, we take the time to read the comments, which is what gives our team the energy to complete the project!

Once again, a big thank you to all of you for getting the word out. Please keep spreading the news.

And Finally... Official Name Confirmed

It's official. The name of this camera will be... *drumroll*....

Rollei 35AF

Yes, you read that right. We are thrilled to announce that Rollei has graciously granted us permission to use their logo. This collaboration marks an exciting step forward for all parties involved. The Rollei brand will undoubtedly increase awareness for this camera. After pouring our hearts and souls into this project, I really hope the Rollei 35AF becomes accessible to a broader audience.

I can't wait to reveal the final product that lies within this box!


P.S You can also find me here @gary228ho