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A Lot of Questions and Answers

Ever since the announcement of Rollei 35AF, we've been flooded with questions about the camera. I noticed some misinformation circulating on the internet. To address this, I would like to provide you with some straightforward answers.

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What is the lens going to be?

We went all-in on the lens this time. The lens on the Rollei 35AF is a 5-element all glass lens with coatings on every side. It has a focal length of 35mm, which is a popular choice among photographers.

What about the aperture?

You are able to choose from f/2.8 to f/16.

Full frame or half?


What material is used for the body?

Some people might assume that since Mint has never produced any cameras with a full metal body, this one must also be non-metallic. However, that's not the case. The reason we haven't made a full metal instant camera before is due to its weight and size. Instant cameras need to be larger to accommodate the print size. If we made it entirely out of metal, I'm sure it would be so heavy nobody took it out and used it.

However, since the Rollei 35AF is much smaller, using a metal body doesn't make it much heavier. You'd actually be able to feel the coolness of metal on your fingertips this time.

Is there going to be a Mint version of the camera?

No, it is going to be exclusively Rollei.


Hope that clears some doubts!


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