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Test shots with Rollei 35AF:

Rollei35AF sample shot#1
Rollei35AF sample shot#2
Rollei35AF sample shot#3
Rollei35AF sample shot#4
Rollei35AF sample shot#5
Rollei35AF sample shot#6
Rollei35AF sample shot#7
Rollei35AF sample shot#8
Rollei35AF sample shot#9
Rollei35AF sample shot#10
Rollei35AF sample shot#11

I'm blown away by the pictures. Thank you again to everybody who helped make this project a reality.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the incredible team at Mint, and Rollei for their tremendous support.

Thank you: BigHeadTaco, Bellamy@JCH, ShowaCamera, Tahusa, and the film community for your invaluable input.

To Mint Partners, thank you for understanding our vision. I promise to deliver our products to you first thing when they're ready.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to our supply chain partners who supported us through the challenges of covid. And a special mention to our lens designer and maker, without whom this camera wouldn't exist.

And of course past, current, and future Mint users!

MiNT Team
// Mint Team Photo

It's going to be a few more months before this camera is officially available, but it's already happening.
For most update news: Rollei 35AF Official Site


P.S You can also find me here @gary228ho