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I am often asked why this blog requires an email address instead of just sharing news on social media. I understand that privacy is important and nobody likes to get spammed. For those of you reading this, who have already provided your email, I want to thank you.

There are a few reasons why we created this blog. One is that blogs are much better than TikTok or Instagram when it comes to explaining difficult concepts. Another reason is that it's easier to find high-quality testers and followers. In the future, we will need testers for the camera, and this blog will be the first place we look. We want to make sure that our testers are educated and understand the background of this camera. So, if you have been following this blog for a while and love film photography, you're probably a good fit!

This is what my desk looks like right now.

35mm camera

It's chaos...

This is much tidier but it's still very preliminary:

35mm camera

We ought to make faster progress.


P.S You can find me here @gary228ho