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Film vs Instant: The Challenge of Developing Cameras

I knew it was going to be extremely challenging when I first started this project. We know how to make instant cameras, but would we be able to pull off a film camera? Here's what I found out so far:

Biggest challenges (film camera): Size constraints and high expectations for build and image quality.

Biggest challenges (instant camera): Perfecting the film processing unit, which is a very arduous task.

While making film and instant cameras both have their challenges, one notable difference is the tolerance of the film. Instant cameras require much more "exposure precision" to produce "the right image", while it's easier for film cameras to get a good image because of the more forgiving film.

The precise shutter unit that we recently developed in our latest project (TL70 Plus) has proven to be very useful in this project.

To create a compact film camera, we drew inspiration from another "compact" camera - the folding Polaroid SX-70. Although the DNA of the Polaroid SX-70 runs deep in MINT's roots, extra care was taken to maintain the integrity of traditional film cameras and not blur the lines with instant cameras.

One idea we borrowed from the SX-70 was combining the shutter and aperture to reduce the camera's size. This has never been achieved before in a film camera. At first, I was skeptical, but after testing the camera with different aperture sizes, the results were impressive!!

We've already shot some stunning photos with the camera, but sorry I can't share them yet. I'll reveal them in a future blog post...

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce MINT's newest camera - TL70 Plus. This camera has a very special meaning to me, because it is a major upgrade to Mint's virgin camera, TL70, that was introduced 8 years ago. It is a tribute to the twin lens and a love story to the art of instant photography.

If you or any of your friends are interested in getting an instant camera, please consider the TL70 Plus. It is just extremely good and with it you'll be able to experience instant photography like never before. Join the waitlist here:



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