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InstantKon RF70 | InstantKon SF70
rf70 film type

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Films for RF70

Compatible with Fujifilm instax WIDE films.10 sheets per pack.

Instax WIDE is manufactured by Fujifilm Japan. The rich colors, enormous format, and consistent results make it perfect for every occasion. It is one of the most common instant film which is easy to get anywhere.

With a wider photo format, you’re free to bring a broader vision to your photography and unleash your full potential. Show us what you can do with the best tools available.

Compatible with :

Compatible with instax wide Compatible with instax wide UFF

Photos by@incaseiforgot, @pennyf17, @sebastienpoirierbeauty, @jtwg, @_pwk, @myinstantimages, @analog.things, @vicuna73, @whydoyouphotograph, @colebishopofficial, @bonnelly and @markchan7470

Unlimited Free Films

∞ Unlimited Free Films Movement for InstantKon users

Once you have bought an InstantKon camera, you can enjoy unlimited free films! You won't need to spend a single penny on films anymore. Find out more »