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InstantKon RF70 | InstantKon SF70

Films for SF70

Compatible with Fujifilm instax Square films. 10 sheets per pack.

This square film has a film sensitivity of ISO800. Manufactured by Fujifilm Japan, it is the most common instant film and widely available. Square format has been loved for over a century because of the 1:1 aspect ratio.

Compatible with :

Compatible with instax square Compatible with instax square
sf70 film type

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Thanks for keeping instant photography alive:@incaseiforgot, @pennyf17, @sebastienpoirierbeauty, @jtwg, @_pwk, @myinstantimages, @analog.things, @vicuna73, @whydoyouphotograph, @colebishopofficial, @bonnelly, @markchan7470 and @fostewi_film


∞ Unlimited Free Films Movement for RF70 users

Once you have bought an InstantKon RF70 camera, you can enjoy unlimited free films! You won't need to spend a single penny on films anymore. Find out more »