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SLR670-S with Time Machine Pushing the boundaries of instant photography BUY NOW » SLR670-S Liberate a quantum leap in instant photography

670-S is the ultimate combination of 670a and 670m. It gives you the ability to manually set shutter speed as well as the advantage to use 600 film under A600 mode.

670-S is the most powerful Polaroid SX-70 film camera. If you want more control and the ability to shoot in low light situation without blurry photos, then 670-S is your best choice.

16 ultimate manual settings on Time Machine Polaroid SLR670-S instant film camera with16 ultimate manual settings

Time Machine is compatible with SLR670-S and allow you to adjust the shutter speed manually. There are 16 different magic settings for you to choose. Hence you can achieve more diverse and creative photos such as silhouette and long exposure. When using the ordinary SX-70 camera, the photographer is often controlled by the camera. With Time Machine, you control your camera.


*With Time Machine, you can enjoy total control with 16 manual magic settings.

*Without Time Machine, you can directly use 600 film.

AUTO 600 Perfect for shoot in low light situation sunset and light printing
  • High ISO Sensitivity
  • Indoor Shooting
  • Faster Shutter
  • Brilliant Colors
  • Less Camera Shake
  • Better Results

There're two different auto mode settings on Time Machine: Auto 100 (for SX-70 film) and Auto 600 (for 600 film). You are now able to use 600 film directly under Auto mode without additional accessories. That’s why it's the best Polaroid SX-70 instant film camera in the world.