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Vintage Polaroids Value Protection (VPVP™)

MiNT guarantees that your camera is protected under VPVP™ within the warranty period. The value of your camera is guaranteed at 30% of the base purchase price at the time of purchase.

This Guarantee automatically expires after 36 months (the end date of your warranty).

MiNT Guaranteed Buyback Protection

Exercise - when you are ready to claim your protection value

In case you want to initiate a claim, simply send an email to vpvp@mint-camera.com with the serial number of your camera on your warranty card. If you extend the warranty, the Guarantee will be extended as well. Once your claim is approved, you will get a recoup which will be transferred through PayPal.

Only cameras with VPVP™ label will be qualified to this program.

Acceptance testing

The camera is functional, with normal visible wear and tear. It must be returned with substantially all components and original peripheral accessories (such as Time Machine). No adjustment will be made to the amount if it can fulfill the conditions described above.


Please don't hesitate to contact us through vpvp@mint-camera.com with any further queries or comments regarding the foregoing.