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Dear Analog Friends,9-Feb-2018

If you are on this page, you've probably already seen the leaks. Our team has been secretly working on this camera for over 2 years now.

I always thought a full manual large format instant camera was missing in the market. And I always wondered why nobody bothered to make a proper instant camera. So that night, we sat down, thought about it for a while, made a few drafts, drank a few cans of beer, and then decided to jump into it.

Then I found out the real reason why no other company was doing it.

Because in order to make a proper large format instant camera (not just a toy camera with wide fisheye lenses), it takes a lot of time and effort and money to develop. Much more than toy cameras. It's quadruple as much time and effort. As always at MiNT, we don't compromise design and quality. If it's going to look ugly, no thanks. If it's going to have light leaks, fix it. If it's just a simple shutter and plastic lens, why not get a Fuji Instax 8? There was no reason for us not to aim high.

In my opinion, a camera like the RF70 had to be small (foldable). It had to have good quality lenses. It had to be a real portrait camera (please no wide fisheye, I know it's easy to make). It had to have a fast reliable shutter, large aperture, manual speeds.... and it had to look elegant. Nobody wants to be carrying around a toy when they're shooting serious, although it's instant. I still believe that was the vision Dr Edwin Land had when he was developing the SX-70.

RF70 meets SX-70: Size is a huge design factor. The team did a terrific job. RF70 & SX70RF70 & SX70

More about MiNT

It has been my privilege to be able to take part in making this camera and use it. The journey has been incredibly difficult but rewarding, especially seeing so many happily inspired users around the world loving our products.

MiNT is a private company owned by my wife and I. We started with just a few thousand dollars after we graduated. The reason we haven't taken any investor money is because we don't want the vision to be ruined by somebody who just wants a return on investment. The decision to reject tempting outside money is a harsh one. You are only left with a passionately dedicated team, some very loyal customers, and very limited resources. But now you are allowed to try crazy ideas such as giving out unlimited free films and building a full-manual-large-format-instant-camera - something that investors won't allow you to do.

My Hero: Dr Edwin Land

Dr Edwin Land

Are we ready yet? Almost. You could give us a hand (or wrist).

The leak was not part of the plan. The original plan was to start selling RF70 in mid-2018. But I didn't want to hinder BigHeadTaco's schedule. He made a very nice video "Film is Still Alive" and I just happened to be in it with RF70. By the way, please give him a vote.

In fact, we are pretty close to launching the camera. There are only two things that stop us from delivering right away:

  1. We need to be sure of the build quality of the camera.
  2. We are slightly short of funds to pay our suppliers.

If you want, and I'd be truly grateful, please give us a hand to speed things up. I designed a watch in my free time. It is a timepiece mirroring different types of photography. Please get one if you like the idea. It will help us a lot and mean a lot to us.





  • Specifications
  • Case size: 45mm
  • Case thickness: 8.5mm
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Strap: Genuine leather strap
  • Strap width: 24 mm
  • Water resistance: 3 ATM

US$139 US$99


All the proceeds from the sales of this watch would go to paying the remaining balance of the suppliers and developing future eye-opening products. If you get one of these beautiful timepieces, you will:

  1. Be on top of the reserve list when RF70 officially launches.
  2. Enjoy pioneer discount on RF70 when it is available.

Now some people ask me the price of this camera. I really don't know yet, but it will cost slightly more than the SLR670-S NOIR because InstantKon RF70 is a brand new camera with lots of R&D effort poured into it.

Lastly, if you're on instagram, please hashtag #RF70 #MakeOrdinaryDaysExtraordinary #MintCamera when you receive the watch and tell your friends about it!

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Yours truly,
Gary Ho
IG: @gary228ho

PS. These are just a few photos taken by me with #RF70 in Hong Kong. I'm sure you can do much better than me once you get the camera.