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Dear Analog Friends,


Pre-order InstantKon RF70 now

This is it.

After months and months of hard work, countless prototypes, no funding (besides those of you who bought a timepiece, big Thank You!), we are finally saving our last breath to utter these three special words: It is ready.

As a token of appreciation, whoever pre-orders now will get a free lens set! Super useful especially on sunny days.

Jun-3 Update:
The first batch of 199pcs sold out in just 1.5 days. We are thrilled! Congratulations to you if you got one! You are going to get your cameras first. For those of you who missed the first round, we're now thinking of opening a second round of pre-orders. This second batch will be shipped out right after the first batch is done.

Jun-7 Update:
Extra 75pcs available for those of you who missed the first round. Not too many to make sure we can handle all the orders and you can get it in time. If you don't pre-order now, the next fastest shipment will be December this year.

Last 0 pcs left

Package includes: InstantKon RF70 camera, neck strap & a pack of instax WIDE color film.


InstantKon RF70 Lens Set
RF70 lens set includes ND2, ND4 and ND8. Perfect for outdoor shooting and long shutter exposures.


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InstantKon RF70

US$899 | US$849 (VIP)

InstantKon RF70 Package

US$949 | US$899 (VIP)

All gone!

5-Year Warranty & Free Shipping Worldwide

For more sample shots, please go to update #5

The special timepiece offer:

If you have a MiNT timepiece, we will immediately knock US$59 off your pre-order. Be sure to use the same email to checkout for the system to recognize you.

If you haven't got a timepiece yet, you can get one right now and still enjoy the discount.

Shipping Schedule

The cameras will be shipped in this order, first come first served.

  1. Timepiece owners
  2. Customers who come directly to our shop in Hong Kong
  3. Mint VIPs (Owners of TL70, SLR670, etc)
  4. Everybody else who pre-orders

The fastest ones will get their cameras in July. The slowest ones will get their cameras in September. Due to the overwhelming demand, we are anticipating a few very busy months ahead.

What's more, TL70 owners will get a free 1-year warranty extension if they get a RF70 now.

香港人可以繼續優先上舖頭訂 Tel: 852-27200222

Here are some videos covering the more technical aspects of the camera:

Matt Day

Kyle Depew



Keigo Moriyama

Official hashtags: #RF70 #mintforphotographers #mintcamera

Some people who have already tried the camera: @jana_obscura @nickshootsmik

Keep your eyes wide open for further news. You can always ask me questions here: IG: @gary228ho

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