How to Use the Mint Flash Bar

Tip #1: Focus accurately to get the right exposure

An untraditional thing about the SX-70, is that when a flash is plugged, the brightness of the picture depends on where you focus.

A page from old Polaroid archives

For some earlier SX-70 models, it would require you to focus slightly backwards, behind the object you want to illuminate, to get a bright enough picture. This is due to aging electronics and a different shutter design in earlier models. Nonetheless, the MiNT Bar will work on all SX-70s.

Each SX-70 has its unique personality, and its temperament tends to shift with time. So you’ll have to find the right spot to focus if you have an old SX-70. Every SLR670 is restored to its factory setting.

A page from old Polaroid archives

Tip #2: Use half-flash for 600 film

We get this question quite often: How does the half-flash button work for 600 film? The idea is simple. The default ISO for SX-70 is 100. 600 is more sensitive than 100. That means it needs less light. Get it?

If you can’t wrap your head around it, don’t worry. It just works. Plug in the flash, insert 600 film, select half-flash, and the picture will come out correctly exposed.

Can you do this when it’s sunny and bright? The answer is most of the time yes. But you might need to adjust the lighten/ darken wheel to the dark side to compensate a bit when it’s blazing.

That’s it! The Mint Flash Bar is super simple to use. It’s an essential accessory for the SX-70, I definitely recommend it.

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