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Our story

Keep Instant Photography Alive

Photography is an ever changing art form – but despite its ups and downs in the last few decades, instant film photography hasn’t changed much since the release of the SX-70 back in 1972. Our founder felt that there were still more to be done and chose to carry on that legacy. He decided to create his own line of products which would marry modern innovations in technology with the timeless, familiar design of the SX-70 to keep the magic of the Polaroid experience alive.

Instant Inspiration

‘Mint’ – the term collector’s use to describe high quality items in perfect condition – became the standard to which we hold all our products. To make this ideal a reality, we assembled a team of dedicated artisans, designers and engineers. As MiNT, we aim to bring our customers products that Dr. Edwin Land would be proud of!

 Timeless Design, Modern Upgrades 

Video: The Moment - Story of Polaroid Repair Specialist (Short Film)

Our vision

Our vision is to keep instant photography alive as a prominent part of human culture.


When we decided to continue Dr. Land’s legacy, we weren’t content with merely preserving the status quo. Taking the body of the SX-70, we’ve upgraded the internal components with modern electronics in order to expand the capabilities of our instant film cameras:

The SLR670‑S are made for manual adjustment of shutter speed, bringing the best out of photographers of any level. What's more, our flagship camera SLR670‑X allows for shutter speed control as well as external flash sync – guaranteeing as much versatility as the user requires. It comes with 5 year warranty as a promise to our users.



Expanding on the legacy of instant film as Polaroid did before us, we recruited the best designers and engineers. After 5 years of experience with vintage instant film cameras and a couple of genius engineers, a new instant film camera was born – the TL70!

We're excited to introduce our latest addition to the InstantFlex family - TL70 Plus. With its brand new design and advanced features like manual shutter speed, aperture control, improved light meter, and OLED display, the TL70 Plus is the ultimate twin lens instant film camera experience. Whether you're new to instant photography or a seasoned pro, the TL70 Plus is sure to impress.

InstantFlex TL70


Recognizing the demand for a professional-type instant camera, we created the InstantKon RF70 that serious photographers would use, also making sure that it was easy enough for an amateur to handle. The world has been treating instant cameras as toys for the past few decades.

Now, with the growing need for square format, we introduce the SF70 with full manual control over shutter speed, aperture, and focusing. It's the only Instax camera on the market to offer such precise control, and we're confident that the SF70 will continue to make InstantKon the top choice for those who want to capture high-quality instant photos.

InstantKon RF70


2009 Sep

The Beginning

We started out as a humble online store – meeting our first customers in cafes individually, teaching them how to use their camera over a cup of coffee!

Our starting point
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We started out as a humble online store – meeting our first customers in cafes individually, teaching them how to use their camera over a cup of coffee!


We opened our retail store in Causeway Bay – a vibrant shopping center in the heart of Hong Kong!


Our own Polaroid SX-70 Warranty and Repair Center was officially established so that all customers could enjoy 1 year warranty.


We became the official Impossible Project Partner Store.


Leaving disposable (and costly) flashbulbs in the past where they belong, we introduced our customers to our reusable flash – an improvement for indoor photography with the SX-70!


We expanded our operation to include repair services and increase our production capacity – with 3 full-time repair experts working hard to repair vintage cameras for customers who needed their old family camera tuned up!



Combining the stylish body of the SX-70 with features from the now defunct Polaroid SLR680 line, we managed to produce a fresh take on a familiar classic.


The first and only lens kit that works with all folding Polaroid SX-70 instant film cameras – it remains a best seller even today, when not sold out!


A more efficient upgrade to our previous design, a re-usable flash bar with faster charging, color filters and a sync port to trigger an external flash!


With the addition of Time Machine, this manual variant of the SLR670 expanded what photographers could do with the camera.


We proudly introduce the World’s First Twin Lens Instant camera!


With a 5x brighter Fresnel Super Viewfinder and a larger, cleaner magnifier – these powerful upgrade took our TL70 camera to the next level.


The ultimate SLR670 – combining the best of the 670α and 670m with a special twist: it can use both SX-70 and 600 type film!


Enhance the whole user experience with TL70 Lens Set, TL70 Neck Strap and TL70 Eveready Case.


To celebrate the milestone of 10,000ᵗʰ SLR670 sold, for the first time we introduce a special edition of SLR670-S. This is SLR670-S Noir.


The functions of SLR670-S Classic are exactly the same as the SLR670-S. The only different thing is the minimalistic body without the tripod mounting hole and neck strap eyelets.


A new timepiece inspired by photography. There are 4 types of timepieces: Wanderer, Monochrome, Instanteer and OneThirtyFive.


We proudly introduce SLR670-X – allows you to connect the external flash and enjoy manual controls. The SLR670-X Time Machine includes a 2.5mm audio jack for triggering external flash units to create perfectly illuminated photos.


InstantKon RF70 is the only WIDE format camera that offers full manual control - shutter speed, aperture, and focus. With full controls and an enormous film format, photographer is free to unleash full potential to capture the most stunning moments.


Perfect your photos with RF70 Lens Set and Lens Hood. RF70 Lens Set allow you to achieve shallow depth-of-field in brightly lit conditions. Camera can fold with a filter installed.


It is a self(ie) timer that fits all folding Polaroid SX‑70s. You can choose between 10, 5 or 3 seconds. Perfect for self-portraits or group shots that include the photographer.


A limited edition version of our flagship camera – the SLR670‑S Sophie. This camera is dedicated to Sophie, a newborn girl of MiNT founder. It is an original Polaroid SX‑70 Model 2 upgrade with a white body and red skin.


Here we present the special edition of the SLR670‑X collection: ZERO – in keeping with the original idea of Dr Edwin Land, the mastermind behind the SX‑70. The red shutter button, matte glass focusing, brown leather - every part of SLR670‑X ZERO is faithful to the creative spirit of the classic SX‑70 camera.


InstantKon SF70 is an instant camera with full manual control, and compatible with instax Square films. This classic and timeless format never fails to stand the test of time. Simplify your pictures and make the most out of the square canvas.


The InstantFlex TL70 Plus is a supercharged twin-lens instant camera designed exclusively for SQUARE film. Its 1:1 cinematic viewfinder, manual and auto modes, built-in flash, and OLED display provide an unparalleled experience, allowing you to capture the best square photos ever.


TL70 Plus Lens Set includes a close-up lens and ND filters (2, 4, 8). All filters are made of glass and can avoid over-exposure in bright sunlight. Perfect for outdoor photography and long exposures.