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Our Story Our Team


Our story

The story behind MiNT

Photography has changed a lot. But Polaroid photography hasn't changed much since the release of the marvelous SX-70 instant film camera in 1972. After learning about the downfall of the Polaroid company, our founder felt that a lot more could be done to extend the legacy. He decided to create his own line of products. Timeless and classic, yet innovative, with a magic touch from the Polaroid experience.

Instant Inspiration

'Mint condition' is a term used to describe pre-owned goods in excellent condition. In order to achieve this level of excellence, we set out to search for the perfect team. Now a few years later, with support from all around the world, MiNT is a company with the best artisans, designers, and engineers. We will keep surprising you with new products even Dr Edwin Land would be proud of!

Timeless, yet innovative.

Video: The Moment - Story of Polaroid Repair Specialist (Short Film)

Our vision


Polaroid SX-70 instant film camera was invented by Dr Edwin Land. He named the world’s first folding instant camera SX-70, indicating that it was his 70th Special Experiment.

We sell a wide range of antique Polaroid instant film cameras, specialising in the SX-70 type film camera. All factory restored Polaroid film cameras come with one year warranty.



Our philosophy for developing the SLR670 series was to create an easier to use camera for the modern photographer, while staying true to the original Polaroid SX-70 film camera.

We bring you an advancement to the Polaroid SX-70 film camera. SLR670m allows you to adjust the shutter speed manually, SLR670α is designed for maximum easiness to use while SLR670-S is ultimate combination of the former two. It is the best thing since the SX-70 film camera.


InstantFlex TL70

To extend the legend of Polaroid, we recruited the top designers and engineers around the world, just like they did in their glory days. With 5 years of experience in antique cameras and a couple of engineering geniuses, a new timeless camera is invented. We are proud to introduce to you TL70.

InstantFlex TL70


2009 SEP

Our starting point

We started as a humble online store, meeting customers in Cafe one by one and teaching them how to use the Polaroid instant film camera over a cup of coffee.

Our starting point
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  • 2016

We started as a humble online store, meeting customers in Cafe one by one and teaching them how to use the Polaroid instant film camera over a cup of coffee.


We opened our retail store located in Causeway Bay, the shopping centre of Hong Kong.


Our own Polaroid SX-70 Warranty and Repair centre was officially established so that all customers could enjoy 1 year warranty.



It was introduced after hearing customers feedback about the difficulties of taking pictures indoors with the Polaroid SX-70 film cameras.


To accommodate a larger Warranty and Repair centre, we had 3 full-time repair experts fixing cameras in turbo mode.



The revolutionary SX-70 film camera, it merges the best features of Polaroid SX-70 and SLR680 instant film cameras into a stylish body.


The first and only lens kit that applies to all folding Polaroid SX-70 instant film cameras which receives very good feedback.


The revolutionary re-usable electronic flash bar with colour filters and sync port to trigger external flashes.


With Time Machine adding a touch of magic to the Polaroid SX-70 film cameras.


MiNT announces the World’s First Twin Lens Instant Film Camera.


Powerful upgrades include 5 times brighter Fresnel Super Viewfinder, 32% larger and cleaner magnifier and so on.


The ultimate combination of SLR670α and SLR670m. Applicable with Polaroid SX-70 & 600 films.


Enhance the whole user experience with TL70 Lens Set, TL70 Neck Strap and TL70 Eveready Case.

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