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Our Story Dream Team

Dream Team

Gary Ho

Gary Ho Founder & CEOInstagram

Shawn Li

Shawn Li Industrial Design

KT Tai

KT Tai Artisan

Jo Tam

Jo Tam Partnerships

Koyi Yau

Koyi Yau Creative / Genie

TY Wong

TY Wong Artisan

Joyce Lam

Joyce Lam Strategy

Natalie Chung

Natalie Chung Partnerships

David Smail

David Smail Design

Eddie Yeung

Eddie Yeung Engineering

Him Pang

Him Pang Engineering

Tracy Cheng

Tracy Cheng Design

Bill Wang

Bill Wang Engineering


Rose Housekeeping

Michael Yan

Michael Yan Engineering


Ying Housekeeping

Henry Wong

Henry Wong Logistics

Kit Hui

Kit Hui Artisan-in-training


Custa General Nap Manager

Join us

Join our Team If you are passionate in the world of instant photography and welcome challenges for your bright career, please join us and send your resume to talent@mint-camera.com.