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We're here to surprise you always!







VIP meeting II @ Central


Last time cooperating with Ralph Lauren was a huge success.

This time when the brand was planning to hold another VIP members gathering,

they thought of us! We were more than happy to collaborate with them again. 



Event Details

Date: 20th Novermber, 2015

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Double RL, 52 Hollywood Road, Central



The event was taken place in Central and we had also invited Kan Cheung,

MiNT guest photographer to use MiNT SX-70 series Polaroid 670m for shooting.



RRL store, the gathering venue is a place of vintage treasures.

Together with the good looking 670m camera and all beautiful guests wearing stylish outfits,

everything is in perfect harmony.



Can’t wait to see how the special moments were being captured by 670m!


What a cool souvenir for all VIP members!




Besides giving out instant film photographs to all,

Ralph Lauren had also prepared a live band performance.

What an enjoyable evening!


To learn more about Ralph Lauren,
please visit http://www.ralphlauren.asia/





This month, we collaborate with Ralph Lauren for their VIP members gathering event.
We are proudly that our vintage Polaroid photos fit perfectly with the atmosphere in Double RL.
We have invited MiNT guest photographer Kan Cheng to use MiNT SX-70 Series Polaroid 670m 

for helping the VIPs taking stunning Polaroids.

Ralph Lauren offers free flow of beer, lemonade, burger and donuts,
all guests enjoy live performance from Eugene Pao live band in this chill evening. 




Event Details

Date: 3rd July, 2015

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Double RL, 52 Hollywood Road, Central




Full of excited guest at the vintage gathering venue RRL.

Kan is taking photos for pretty ladies in the gathering, 

everyone feel excited to see how the vintage SX-70 Series Polaroid 670m works!



VIP Ralph Lauren members with stylish outfits.



Jazz guitarist Eugene Pao and his band is having live performance.



Interaction between Kan , the performer and VIP.

Everyone feeling curious about how does the Polaroid photos develop.

No wonder Mint Flash Bar 2 helps the photos to be sharper!



Feeling excited to see how fast is the Impossible Black & White Film 2.0

emerging the image within 20 seconds! 



Eugene is enjoying the performance with his band. 



Facinating black and white photos with great contrast for the performers!


Kan is explaining the interesting photo development process to Eugene. 

MiNT Flash Bar 2 is always the best companion for indoor photos.

Kan – MiNT guest photographer and Eugene  jazz guitarist



MiNT x Ralph Lauren - July 2015



Such a great gathering for RL friends! Kan is capturing the precious moment. 



It's always great to capture every single smile instantly : ) 

With MiNT SX-70 Series Polaroid 670m, it will be possible to catch every moment!



Such a great gathering for RL friends! Kan is capturing the precious moment. 



Guest and RRL staff are having interesting pose together! 



Enjoyable moment and free flow of beer to all.



MiNT SX-70 Series Polaroid 670m x Flash Bar2 = great performance for indoor photos


To learn more about Ralph Lauren,
please visit http://www.ralphlauren.asia/




We collaberate the TRAVELOGUE of LOG-ON in this month, involve this thematic exhibition.
Let's happy share more about travelling experience.




Through the visuals and texts, it helps to understand experiences 

during travelling, to recapture and taste about the journey.


Different methods of creating instant film image. 


Have a first glimpse of InstantFlex TL70! 


Exhibition booth of  our instant film cameras family! 


Event Details

Date:22.5.2015 - 28.6.2015
Venue:Causeway Bay Fashion Walk LOG-ON (ToGather Workshop)

Collaboration:LOG-ON x MiNT x Filme
Special thanks for LOG-ON's invitations.


MiNT x LOG-ON - June 2015


During continous art and culture exchange, shaing of journey after thought and stories,
it helps to re-composit a complete travelling experience.

The exhibition also invite MiNT guest photographer Kan Cheng and Cecilia Chow, who's the Guinness Record holder
of  "
Largest Collection of Unprocessed Film" for sharing session. They share about meanings of travelling, 
which is all about film photography! All of the film lovers shouldn't miss it. We also first expose
the MiNT InstantFlex TL70 new camera, letting you all have the first glimpse!


Partcipants feeling excited to try on Polaroid cameras!


Can't wait to see the black and white photos are developing.


The photo developing procress is worth waiting.

Photo: Patrick Ng


MiNT guest photographer – Kan Cheng 

Photo: Patrick Ng

MiNT guest photographer – Kan Cheng with his travelling companions.

Photo: Patrick Ng


MiNT instant film camera family

Photo: Patrick Ng


Your best travelling companions

Photo: Patrick Ng


To learn more about LOG-ON,
please visit http://www.citysuper.com.hk/en/log-on/e-magazine




The cover of the album 《1989》 is a Polaroid of herself, cutting off her face at the eyes
with Taylor Swift at the bottom left and "1989" at the bottom right.

"That photo you are seeing is a Polaroid we took, we took the album photos on Polaroids,
she explained. "It was kind of an accident, so I figured why not make that
photo the album cover?"
 Swift said.

The album is in stores Oct. 27 and Swift said fans will actually get packets of real
Polaroids inside the album - 13 each, but different packs with different photos in each.


CD release event details

This month, MiNT is delighted to introduce the CD release event of Taylor Swift to you.
'1989' is the upcoming album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift,
scheduled to be released on October 27, 2014. For the CD cover design, she unveiled the album cover,
a Polaroid picture with "T. S. 1989" written underneath. What's better than celebrating this remarkable moment
with a free Polaroid photo? For any purchase that includes Taylor's album, you will get
a FREE instant film photo with Taylor Swift's theme. Also, you can join the lucky draw and get
a chance to win the Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 camera. Let's come and join us!

(1) 27 Oct 2014 (Mon), 4-6pm, HMV Causeway Bay
(2) 28 Oct 2014 (Tue), 4-6pm, CD Warehouse, Langham Place

MiNT x Universal Music - Oct 2014

Attractive  lucky draw to win the Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 camera.

1 : 1 ratio Taylor Swift in CD Warehouse going to take Polaroids with fans!

Fans are getting excited and line up to get in the photo shooting area.



Both Hong Kong and foreigner fans get their Polaroids with Taylor Swift.




MiNT photographer is taking Polaroid in the event for Taylor's fans.



Polaroid cards inside Taylor swift CD



Taylor Swift 《1989》Polaroid Party photo sleeves
MiNT x Universal Music Hong Kong

To learn more about Universal Music Hong Kong , please visit http://www.umg.com.hk/




Being the Impossible Project partner store, we collaborate to organise
the Woaw x Polaroid photography M-eye. Using the products of woaw as the theme,
M-eye made good use of the Impossible Instant Lab to create
the innovative pieces. With the collage method to design the unique window display.


Polaroid window display of woaw  (from on.cc news)


woaw × M-eye Window Display
Date: From now on until 7th June 2014
Venue: 11 Gough Street G/F, Sheung Wan

M-eye of MiNT x woaw - June 2014


The Impossible Instant Lab


instant film photographs by the Impossible Instant Lab


M-eye - The well known Polaroid photographer, is also our MiNT Polaroid
photography class tutor,who is good at collage photography
is being interviewed by hypebeast.


Photographer M-eye is demonstrating to use the Impossible Instant Lab
to create instant film photographs (from who-are-invited)


Making of : M-eye is using collage to design
the window display for woaw. (from chit-chak)


To learn more about woaw, please visit http://woawstore.com/






izzue Festival Walk Store brings you a brand new shopping environment with plenty of
plants and the artistic decorations! We invite you to celebrate with us in a fun-filled night!
On 11 SEP, from 6:30p.m to 10p.m, turn your digital image into Polaroid
using “Instant Lab” for free and show it to our shop staff within specific time period
to enjoy shopping offer. See you all tonight!


Our Mint Team will be here and take the polaroid shots with impossible instant lab and
PX600 Black frame for all the guest! Let's come and have fun with us!
*Get a FREE polaroid photo with the specially designed photo frame by izzue
to celebrate the grand opening night.




Taking the polaroid photos with Impossible Instant lab for the guests in izzue grand opening event.

MiNT x izzue - September 2013

Free izzue Polaroid

Celebrities came to join our event - Pakho and Karena

Some snapshots during the opening event


To learn more about izzue, please visit http://www.izzue.com/


In our latest collaboration, we have created a special Polaroid SX-70 in red leatherette and ebony body.
The red leatherette "Hallingdal 65" is crafted by Kvadrat, the leading manufacturer of
design textiles in Europe. Along with the premium material, we have drafted
a new element of stitching Muted Red Camper on the leatherette of the camera body.
This gorgeous camera comes along with the original Polaroid camera bag ironed
with the Camper logo. For those who love instant film photography,
don't miss the chance to have this limited, antique and elegant camera. 


The package for this collaboration camera also comes with a high standard finish.
The limited exclusive Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 Camera is highly collectible.
And the best part, it's only HKD$3299.

The camera is available in select Camper stores:

No.35, UG, Festival Walk, Kowloon (2265-8821)
No.137-138, 1/F, Silvercord, Tsim Sha Tsui
No. 4, G/F, Kingston Street, Causeway Bay

*comes with one year warranty




MiNT x CAMPER - August 2013


CAMPER x Mint x Kvadrat | Polaroid SX-70 Model2 Camera Special Edition





With the original SX-70 Polaroid bag, embossed with CAMPER logo on it.
It is extra valuable for your collection . Do not miss it! If you are big fans of instant film photography.

To learn more about CAMPER, please visit http://www.camper.com/en_HK



We proudly organised the "All we need is FREEDOM" film design competition
with the Impossible Project is the only company in the world producing instant film
for classic Polaroid™ cameras. They are a company with around 130 employees in Austria,
Genmany, the Netherlands, Britain, France, the USA, Japan and China. They produce analog instant film,
refurbished Polaroid cameras and their own-designed range of analog instant film cameras.

Throughout the critique from us and the Impossible project founder - Dr. Florian Kaps.
We decided the winning design from
a Hong Kong Designer Freda Cheung
who currently based in Australia. And the support from participants in the competition.


MiNT x Impossible - January 2013

This limited film edition will encourage you to think outside the frame and set your mind free!
The birds and feathers decorating the frames will set your imagination flying freely.


There are 8 different frames design in a pack. MiNT and Impossible proudly
present this limited edition, featuring a uniquely designed packaging and frame,
specially blended with black & white material.





Sample shots of the Freedom MiNT Edition Film.
It match perfectly with natural elements.


To learn more about Impossible, please visit https://www.the-impossible-project.com/











Appealing to stylish and professional people, LOG-ON is a mega lifestyle specialty store 
where style-conscious customers can find lifestyle products from around the world.
LOG-ON offers a comprehensive lifestyle shopping experience to improve the quality of life. 

This Christmas, we have linked up with LOG-ON  to produce the Wood Edition for celebrating the season,

and promoting the culture of Polaroid photography in Hong Kong.








In order to provide a brand new impression to the customer,
we re-design the wood skin and apply on the SX-70 Model 2 camera. 






Mint Flash Bar






The collaborative Polaroid SX-70 camera and mint flash bar in wood style are in limited edition,

Only 25 sets are produced and they are available in LOG-ON (city'super) stores exclusively.









MiNT x LOG-ON December 2012




The major colors are green, brown and yellow to provide a natural and peaceful tone and manner.
Environment in green is representing the nature;
Wood in brown is symbol of historical and classic, which equals to SX-70 camera;

and finally yellow is the power of youth which brings freshness and enthusiasm to the user.







SX-70 Wood Edition Gift Set


Polaroid SX-70 model2 camera - Wood edition

Mint Flash bar - Wood edition

PX70 Color shade cool film

with gift package & giftcard








*Special edition for 2012 Christmas*


Interested in LOG-ON ? please visit http://www.citysuper.com.hk/














Everyone can recognize the Laurel Wreath logo in 3 seconds.


Yes, it's Fred Perry!


Fred Perry has shops and customers in 50 countries across the globe.

Founded in 1952, 2012 marks its 60th year.

Fred Perry is already synonymous with British classic.

No matter the brand identity or the social state or historical meaning,

You can see there is something in common with Fred Perry and Polaroid.








( Dear Jane | Ella Koon)



::mint:: keeps on searching for new ways to use Polaroid. 

After a phone call from Fred Perry, an interesting and amazing idea suddenly came out. 

In celebrating of the 60th anniversary of Fred Perry,

we printed the Fred Perry logo on the film.


We were the OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM at Fred Perry night. 

We took photos for the guests with our SLR680 during the party

all they needed to do was pose and wait for the photos to develop in their hands!





MiNT x Fred Perry - November 2012
PX70 Color Shade Film
Fred Perry Edition 

( Pakho Chau | Ella Koon | Dear Jane) 




( Poubelle International )





On that night, we took over 700 color shade films.

Guests were so happy to take away the photos as souvenirs to remember this delightful night.





( ::mint:: team )






Finally, it successfully made noise for the party and 

the project was featured in local magazines and also the facebook page and website of i.t.


Thanks for bringing us a fascinating and memorable cooperation. 


Party details as below:
Date & Time: 9 November 2012(Fri), 9pm Till Late
Venue: Level P, Central Pier 7, Star Ferry, Central.
To learn more about Fred Perry, please visit http://www.fredperry.com/









We cooperated with different brands for custom-made products. It was a great adventure for ::mint::: to
cooperate with a Hong Kong local fashion brand - Adilb. They mainly sell stylish and simple
male clothing. Adlib previously collaborated with different brand such as bike and watch. And now
we're here - mint - represents the Polaroid camera and Impossible film to work with Adlib for a surprise.



MiNT x adlib came up with ideas to make polaroid come into our surroundings.

Hence, the designs of Polaroid camera pack appears. 





MiNT x adlib - July 2012





Polaroid camera pack: 1. Tote bag 2. Phone case 3. Photo filter to you all.


The Classic Polaroid Camera of SX-70 and Box Type are applied on the design of the whole camera pack.
You can see the simple illustration of SX-70 with the blue sky on Set C.
It aims to be practical and the user can bring it everywhere and everyday.




Custom made SX-70 camera
Adlib Edition 

Our store and crossover project featured in New Monday.
To get the details of adlib, please visit   











Do you recognize the “RED” on the custom made camera?

YES, that is the SX-70 special edition of Camper.



We are proud to introduce the limited edition MiNT x Camper. This camera features the most
popular model of Polaroid SX-70 Original. A Polaroid Camera bag especially customized for
Camper which carries our logo on the leather. Besides, a collage poster by Impossible film PX70 was integrated into
the display. Impossible | MiNT x Camper was released in limited quantity of 30 only.



MiNT x Camper - April 2012





The project was featured in Milk Magazine,

and the “SX-70 Camper Edition” appeared on the cover.








Custom made SX-70 camera
Camper Edition 


Window displays also designed by MiNT team.

The exhibited photos taken by Polaroid-collage photographer - M-eye.


8 x 8 display poster by Polaroid SX-70 originals with PX70 12/11.
To learn more about Camper, please visit http://www.camper.com/