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NEWS > Inspiration Wanted: 3 Instant Tips to Get Your Creativity Flowing


  Inspiration wanted!  

Here are 3 photography tips to get your creativity flowing

@madlac32 | SLR670-S


Photography is a continually evolving art form, and you need to grow with it. Transform, experiment and release. If you find yourself stuck in the mud, here are 3 tips for you to find a way out.


✧ 1

Photograph the same subject from different angles


Choose a subject and capture it from different angles, distances, or backgrounds. For example, photograph a flowering cherry tree from up high or down low, far away or up close.



@cpchen | SLR670-X


✧ 2

Look through the lens. See the world in a unique way.


Shooting from a new perspective can be inspiring. Hold your camera at chest level and look through the waist-level viewfinder. Observe the world in a different way — it is an extraordinary shooting experience.



@trithong | InstantFlex TL70


✧ 3

Take a portrait of yourself and your camera


Stand in front of the camera. Take a portrait with your camera. It can be any camera you like. Of course, we will be happy to see your face with MiNT cameras.





Photo: @cookiesnqream, @veko.slav, @romain_sandt, @daikanyama_kt, @rick_majewski, @_urbanography_


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Inspiration Wanted: 3 Instant Tips to Get Your Creativity Flowing


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