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NEWS > Sophie's SX-70 Camera



Dear Friends of MiNT,


As you all learnt in the last newsletter, I had a new born daughter amidst the pandemic. Thank you for the personal messages and congratulations, it means a lot to me. Sophie is 6-weeks-old now and healthy. We are thankful.



- Sophie -


For MiNT, the virus has forced us to slow down some of our projects. We were planning to introduce a new product this summer, but it will be postponed. Since new products are delayed, I thought we might as well be resourceful.


As the owner of a camera company, it would be a sin not to dedicate a camera to my own daughter. If you have been thinking about getting a SLR670, but haven't pulled the trigger yet, now is a good time to join the thousands of happy owners around the world.


All of our artisans are beyond their 50s, with some stepping into retirement. Each and every SLR670 is handmade by one of our artisans. In this difficult time, getting a SLR670 camera means acknowledging their efforts and securing their jobs.







SLR670-S Sophie

with Time Machine


This camera is dedicated to Sophie.


Only 24 units are available. It is an original Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 upgrade, which is difficult to find in large batches. This batch comes from our founder's personal collection.


We have never presented a white SLR670 in the past, and we never will in the future. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a SLR670 if you want to join the thousands of other proud owners. Proceeds, as always, will go to the research and development of new better cameras.







You can add US$1 to get a Self(ie) Timer

(Original price: US$59)




SLR670-S Sophie

with Time Machine




Only 24 units are available, so act fast! ‣ ‣


All camera orders will be automatically upgraded for free to expedited shipping (EMS) during the pandemic.



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Thank you (and more updates)!


Sophie's SX-70 Camera