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NEWS > Introducing SLR670-X ZERO. Going Back to the 1970s





ZERO – in keeping with the original idea of Dr Edwin Land, the mastermind behind the SX-70, goes right back to the drawing board. Compared to the original blueprint, the most questionable aberration is ditching the ground glass focusing in favor of the split-circle that you see in most of today's SX-70s.


Dr Land insisted that the ground glass was superior to the split-circle because it didn't interrupt the photographer. It allows you to concentrate on configuring the picture as a whole, facilitating your visual mind for better composition.

Less is more, this is the SLR670-X ZERO.



TIME MACHINE ─ for shutter speeds control and external flash sync




Countless technologies have been added to cameras these days, such as built-in filters or a Wi-Fi printing function. These 'innovations' are designed to please everybody; ending up pleasing nobody. The SLR670-X ZERO discards these ideas, keeping only the essential. The Time Machine that controls the shutter speed is retained. With 16 shutter speed options, it puts the mastery of the art of photography back into the hands of the photographer.





Touch the 1970s state-of-art camera in its truest form


“We think of photography as the intersection of science and art.” - EDWIN H. LAND


The red shutter button, ground glass focusing, brown leather - every part of ZERO is faithful to the creative spirit of the original SX-70 camera. Feeling the delicate, cool touch of the metal body, coupled with the warmth of the leather cover, it is like going back to the 1970s and witnessing that incredible invention of instant photography for the first time, and once again feeling the same passion for film.



To use the ground glass, simply turn the focusing wheel of your camera until the image becomes clear.


Unparalleled performance


The SLR670-X ZERO allows you to control the shutter speed of the camera yourself and use 600 film directly in auto mode. There are 16 different shutter options, among them the A100 mode (for SX-70 film) and the A600 mode (for 600 film). The new electric eye also calculates the most accurate exposure after analyzing the surrounding. The SLR670-X is now the crowning glory of our camera family!


Witness the incredible difference with manual mode.


External flash + Manual controls














Photos: @nakaiakio





Time Machine


SLR670-X ZERO is limited and supplies are running out. Act fast before they are gone! All SLR670-X orders will be automatically upgraded for free to DHL Express*













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Introducing SLR670-X ZERO. Going Back to the 1970s


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