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NEWS > SLR670 Camera Series Price Update For 2020


If you’ve had your eye on our SLR670-S series camera, act fast because time is running out on this great price.


# Price Adjustment starting from January 31, 2020



The body of each SLR670 is carefully restored by hand from an existing Polaroid SX-70 camera. As the number of original SX-70s in acceptable condition dwindles, the need for an extended restoration process has increased in order to meet our own high standards. The rarity will be reflected in our prices starting January 31, 2020.


This decision was made out of our continued commitment to providing you, our customers, with the high quality products you’ve come to expect from us here at MiNT.




   Price adjustment starting from January 31:  


You can still get it at the original price now,

so act fast – shop now to get the best deal!






# Realize your vision with SLR670


Photo: @polaroidsofseb


SLR670 with Time Machine is a perfect fit for any aspiring photographer looking to take their instant photography to the next level. A familiar, time-tested design - suitable for beginners and experts alike - meets a modern upgrade that gives you even more control over your compositions.


With shutter speed and film ISO settings, Time Machine allows you to shoot when and where you want – but only if you’ve got one!




You know how we feel about our cameras – but see what other professionals have to say about the SLR670:



lt gives you full manual control over the shutter speeds and it's the best Instant Camera that we've tested to date.



With the manual control, we can make sure that the pictures are correctly exposed. MiNT Time Machine is designed with maximum flexibility for photographers.



Lari Saarinen

This camera makes me more certain that I get the shot that I want without wasting any exposures. You can play with lights and create different scenes.



# See the world through your eyes








Photo: @vincentxgabriel, @maxandpaula, @dougolupski, @thomasbergphoto, @james.tinnelly, @polasmidja, @mingchan_mc






Feeling inspired? Our cameras are built to be by your side for years to come, grab yours now! Get a SLR670 for its original price until January 31, 2020 – but only while supplies last. So don’t miss your shot!



*SLR670 series includes: SLR670-X, SLR670-X MING EDITION, SLR670-S, SLR670-S Noir and the related packages.




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SLR670 Camera Series Price Update For 2020


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