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NEWS > The Season of Love, Let TL70 Make Holidays Extraordinary!



(Photo by @lazybenny)


Ladies and Gents,


It is the time of the year again for gifts. Let TL70 Make Holidays Extraordinary! This is a great opportunity to get the camera you’ve been waiting for, or prepare a mind-blowing gift for the special someone in your life. We've got some great ideas for you.



# Use your InstantFlex TL70 like a pro.



Know more about their stories: #TL70




# Spread the love



Write the love messages on the instant photos and send your greeting to friends on festive days.




# Share the joy


The best Christmas and New Year gift for your beloved one


InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Gift Set




This Gift Set includes a TL70 2.0 camera, neck strap, lens set and 2 packs of film. Check them out! Let us send the gift for you and give your loved one the gift of a lifetime. Don't miss the chance!





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Festive Essentials: Let TL70 Make Family Days Extraordinary


The Season of Love, Let TL70 Make Holidays Extraordinary!


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