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NEWS > A Kind Letter From Graham



July 25, 2020 5:29:47


Dear MiNT,


This is a letter of support. These have been difficult times all over the world. Here, outside Detroit, Michigan, we have all struggled, and continue to struggle.


As we do, we take comfort in our small pleasures. Every evening, I go for a walk with my wife, my daughter, our masks, and my InstantFlex TL70. The photographs I have collected will be our memorial to this time. They reflect the world as it is, but also as we hope it will someday be.


Thank you MiNT and your team. From Michigan, USA, we send you and all your families warm wishes for peace, prosperity, and health.



Graham Cassano

Associate Professor of Sociology

Oakland University

Proud owner of an RF70, TL70, and SLR670






Dear Graham,


Thank you very much for the kind words. My older sister attended Umich many years ago. I still have memories of visiting Michigan and the university campus with my family. It was a pleasant place to be. Quiet and peaceful. I would love to bring my children some day, of course, when the pandemic is over.


And I'm sure it will be over one day.


Thank you Graham, and best wishes to your family too. The world needs more kindness.


Gary and the MiNT team




Every TL70 owner is kind, charming, amiable, beautiful, and talented. 

Because sharing is caring.












@trithong, @mist_in_the_sea, @as621216, @joe.irwin.photography, @cookiesnqream, @anson.y, @thejonklock, @zhahuodiansg, @ciorstain_photography, @jb_analog




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A Kind Letter From Graham


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