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NEWS > A Late 2021 Update to Our VIPs.


A late 2021 update


First of all, a special THANK YOU to our VIPs!


Because of you, we are making progress even in difficult times. Every time you buy a Mint Camera, you're actually supporting research and development. It is our mission to invent better cameras for those who really care. Without you, the world would only be left with printers and digital cameras.


As you know, we serve a tiny niche market. If you received this email, whether you know it or not, you are already part of this very specialized community.


Due to the uniqueness and difficulty of making instant cameras, in the past, we have found it to be extremely difficult to find the right suppliers. Unless you are a big wealthy company (like Polaroid or Fujifilm), or super dedicated (like us), otherwise, it is close to impossible to manufacture something as complex and unique as the SF70.


Just a small excerpt of the BOM, a.k.a. bill-of-materials, which we have to deal with every day.


Last year, we received a phone call from our trusted supplier, who also works for big brands like Sony, Canon, and Nikon. They said they were closing down operations, after being in business for 50 years.

This was during the first few months of COVID. In the midst of uncertainty and fear. We had two choices. Either to shut down together with them, or devise a plan to keep going.


It was a sunny afternoon. Everybody in the company got together in the common area (this is the benefit of being a small company), was briefed on the situation, and casted votes.


The result was unanimous.


So, we are sorry about the silence on social media for the past year. We have been too busy building a new camera factory. A camera factory in 2021. Yes, a lot of people call us crazy, but we are super dedicated. Right now it's like a war zone. We will upload pictures in the near future.


Right now, we are taking a much larger risk. But if we pull it off, it means a faster turnover time and more flexibility to be creative.


And pandemic-proof. A brighter future.
We just want to thank you again for being a VIP. A VIP, by definition, is somebody who owns a Mint camera. To our surprise, many collectors own more than one Mint camera, and it means the world to us.






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A Late 2021 Update to Our VIPs.


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