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NEWS > Introducing a New Gadget for Polaroid SX-70




Introducing a New Gadget for Polaroid SX-70




The infamous lighten / darken dial


If there is one thing we don't like about the Polaroid SX-70 Camera, 9 out of 10 people

will tell you that it is the lighten / darken (L/D) dial. At MiNT, we spend at least 10 minutes explaining

what the L/D control means to every single customer. Even so, some people don't understand it. The L/D control

is one of the unfavorable functions of the SX-70, and we are going to change that - by giving you a choice.


The L/D dial originated from the very first Polaroid Land Camera designs:








Time Machine: total control over your camera


There are manual transmission vehicles. You can find manual espresso machines. Out of all the packfilm cameras that

Polaroid invented, 180 Land Camera is one the most sought after, because of it's manual ability.

Why can't there be a manual version of the SX-70? For over 12 months, our engineers have been trying to answer this question.

Today we solved this question, and you are one of the first people on this planet to have a glimpse of this beautiful new device.

It is going to change the way we use a Polaroid camera. 




Like most manual devices, no batteries are required. We call it the Time Machine.





Countless possibilities


We have already given away a few Time Machines to our beta testers.

The results we got are just striking.

You can shoot images an ordinary SX-70 could not. No more guessing how to adjust the L/D dial.


Find out how Time Machine works, follow us: Homepage & Facebook .





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Introducing a New Gadget for Polaroid SX-70


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