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NEWS > A Short Message to MiNT VIPs



Photo: @bigsvatcharasith

As you know, Mint designs cameras for a very special niche market. If you received this email, you are already a part of this unique yet important community.

Your support encourages us to innovate. Every time you invest in a Mint camera, you're actually supporting research and development for our next project. It is our mission to invent better cameras for those who really care and want to keep instant photography alive.


We don't just restore old cameras. We push the boundaries of instant photography by upgrading old technology with modern science. We believe this is the best way to preserve instant photography.



You inspire us -

“My pictures are too dark!”── Flash Bar 2
“The original SX-70 is so hard to use.”── SLR670-S
“Self timers are so hard to find and the new ones are so bulky”── Self(ie) Timer

Thank you for backing us all along.

You become a VIP after getting your first camera. VIP membership is lifelong and you can enjoy exclusive discounts on cameras, films and accessories.

How to enjoy VIP discounts
Simply enter the email you used on your last checkout and the amount will automatically change to VIP price. In case the system can’t detect your email, just let us know.





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A Short Message to MiNT VIPs


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