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NEWS > Adding a Touch of Magic to SX-70 - Order Now


SLR670m with Time Machine



How we did it


So how did we do it? The answer is simple, but the process was painstaking.
We redesigned the SX-70 motherboard and invented the Time Machine to
override all of its initial settings. That's why you won't be experiencing any
electronic flaws due to old age, which makes SLR670m a much more reliable
camera than the SX-70. You can even jab the shutter button without getting
mirrors stuck. We are totally in love with it.
Learn more.



Open Q&A session on Facebook


Any questions? We bet you do. In the past few weeks, we've been flooded with
emails about SLR670m and Time Machine. This is our first time to launch such
an incredible invention and we feel that everyone should have the right to
know how it works. So if you have any questions regarding SLR670m or
Time Machine, please join the discussion on
Facebook. We will reply one by one.





photo by Ming Chan, SLR670m with Time Machine in 1/125 & 1/2000



Shipping schedule


Supply of SLR670m is very limited due to limited components and the lengthy
production time for every camera. Every SLR670m is meticulously hand crafted
and inspected. If you are lucky enough to place an order on June 11
and catch the first train, we will ship out your order on June 18.
The second batch will leave our factory in Hong Kong in July.



How to order


A lot of you have been longing for this immensely improved manual version SX-70.
What's better than celebrating this remarkable moment with free shipping?
For any purchase that includes a SLR670 or SLR670m,
you will get
FREE SHIPPING for your whole order.


* The offer is this time only


We fell in love with it! Now it's your turn. :) 

We'll be accepting orders in less than 24 hours!






- SLR670 -

US$644  |  €476  |  HK$4990



- SLR670m -

* Product Launch Offer

SLR670m with Free Time Machine & Free shipping
+$65  |  €429 +€48  |  HK$4490 +$500



Ordering starts :

11 June 2014 (Wednesday) HKT 9:00pm
EDT 9:00am ; PDT 6:00am ; CEST 3:00pm







Our beloved partners

If you feel like trying one of these gems in your local area, our partners are
more than happy to let you test one. Please don't hesitate to ask our awesome
friends politely:

Vienna, Austria: SUPERSENSE
Taipei, Taiwan: 實驗攝
London, United Kingdom: The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop
Melbourne, Australia: FilmNeverDie
Macau, China: Digi Kit 數碼薈

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