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NEWS > Adventure-Friendly Camera

散歩写真日記 ♪


A simple daily project becomes...



< I >

Pick a camera. Go out for a walk


Summer is calling, and this is the best time to turn the everyday world into your personal work of art. The twin-lens classic design lets you look at the world from the waist. Are you ready to jump into this mesmerizing world of instant photography?












Photos: @trithong | InstantFlex TL70


< II >

From chemicals to images. From imagination to reality.


Fluttering and dancing in the breeze, feeling the sunshine kiss your cheeks. Adjust the aperture, turn the focus wheel, and press the shutter. Fill your pictures with wonder.


Let the moment freeze in time on an instant photo.


















< III >

Look back on a year of beautiful memories.


Each picture tells a unique story.

Be sure to share #MakeOrdinaryDaysExtraordinary

Photos: @troybradfordphotos, @moons_walking_diary, @Imiany, @jayjayhohoho & @trithong


InstantFlex TL70



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Adventure-Friendly Camera


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