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NEWS > Introducing the All-New SX-70 Repair Service

The All-New SX-70 Repair Service

After a 2 year break… we’re happy to announce that our SX-70 repair service has finally resumed! Scroll down to see what's new.

MiNT Master Artisan, KT

Need to repair your Polaroid SX-70?

Just fill in this form. Have questions? Find us here.


Want to watch KT fix your camera?

Introducing the all-new repair service with full-length video.

The all-new repair service includes a full-length video of KT fixing your SX-70. Watch him take apart your camera and put it back together again into one working piece.

↑ You'll get a video like this. ↑

Need to upgrade your camera to the more powerful SLR670?

【SLR670 = Auto + Manual + Flash Sync】

The normal Polaroid SX-70 was designed in the 1970s using old tech and now Mint can modernize it. SLR670 is more powerful, reliable, and user-friendly. It supports both native SX-70 and 600 film. It'll cost a bit of money, but it's well worth it.

Got a vintage SX-70? Certain models can be upgraded.

Ask us here.

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Introducing the All-New SX-70 Repair Service


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