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NEWS > An Epic Sensor Upgrade for SLR670

A Small (but epic)

Sensor Upgrade for Your SLR670


Dear past, present, and future SLR670 owners,

Extending the SLR670 Legacy

The remarkable journey of the SLR670 began in 2014 when we introduced the SLR670m. It was followed by the SLR670-S equipped with ISO600 capability, and later the SLR670-X with flash sync.

« SLR670 Series Evolution »

Backed by years of research and valuable user feedback, SLR670 has undergone multiple iterations to establish itself as the trusted and reliable choice for photographers today. Its user-friendliness and reliability are among the key reasons why.

The Quest for the Optimal Sensor

Finding the Sweet Spot

In our quest to enhance the SLR670 experience, we have focused on finding the perfect balance for the sensor, optimizing it to better match the response of the human eye and characteristics of Polaroid film. Besides tuning the sensor digitally, the most noticeable difference is the special coating on the sensor window. This coating effectively blocks out unwanted light that can interfere with accurate sensor readings.

The Final Performance

This latest sensor upgrade takes SLR670 to new heights, surpassing the original SX-70 and outperforming previous SLR670 version.


Is my camera equipped?

For those who placed an order for the SLR670 starting from December 1, 2023, all cameras come equipped with the upgraded new sensor. If you sent in your SLR670 for repair between December 2023 and early February 2024, we have some good news for you. Your camera has already been upgraded to our latest sensor version, free of charge.

If you're not sure, check for the violet coating on the light sensor window. The original SX-70s and previous versions of SLR670 do not have this coating




Do I need to upgrade my camera?

If you ordered your SLR670 before December 1, 2023 and would like a better sensor, you can ship it in for an upgrade. While you're at it, you can also opt to upgrade your camera to Type-i.

New Sensor Upgrade:

US$99 | 97 | HK$770


Choose your SLR670

SLR670-S ........................ Manual Control ........................... US$919

SLR670-X ........ Manual Control + External Flash Sync ........ US$999

SLR670-X (Type i) ........ Manual Control + External Flash Sync + Built-in Battery (for use with all films including i-Type films) ....... US$1,149

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An Epic Sensor Upgrade for SLR670


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