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NEWS > Back to Square One. InstantKon SF70.





Thank you...


To everyone who supports instant photography and backed the InstantKon SF70 on Kickstarter — every little makes a mickle.



The end of this Kickstarter campaign is only the beginning of our mission to push the boundaries of instant photography one step closer to the legendary SX-70







Back to Square One



 Square  film. Classic and original.


Square format stands the test of time. This classic and timeless format has been loved for over a century. Square films and instant cameras are the perfect matches, just like Polaroid films with SX-70 and Fujifilm Instax Square with SF70.


 Square  canvas. Frame the extraordinary.


A great composition is what makes a picture stand out. Go back to square one. With the square format, simplify your pictures and make the most out of the square canvas.





 Square  camera. Compact and light.

We took everything we learnt from the RF70, and applied it to SF70. Hence, we have adjusted the dimensions for SF70, make it even smaller and compact. Carrying the SF70 around is like bringing a book with you.

























A camera with shutter speeds, aperture selections, focusing controls, built-in flash, and long exposure, are always the best choice for you. Read more »

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InstantKon SF70




- Limited pre-order offer will end at any time before the official release -





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Back to Square One. InstantKon SF70.


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