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NEWS > 4 Things To Do Before Wrapping Up 2017



Eleven months has passed and it's November again. Remember your New Year's resolution?


Well, I don't.


But there still is time left.


Here are some suggestions from us:






Take out all the photos that you took this year - whether they are photos from a road trip, pictures with your family, graduation photos, or just photos that were mistakenly taken... It’s fine. They are all worth looking back at.





When and where doesn't matter. Take a break from the chores. Explore the city, explore the nature. Explore your inner self.







Photo: @stamatn @thephotogiver @dr.kitchen245 @leeyuan2


Arrange a gathering with your favorite people and bring them to your favorite place - doesn't have to be a fancy one. Tell them your thoughts like when you were still twelve. They would be more than happy to listen.





Photo: @annehollond


It is never too much to express your care with a gift, or simply a nice photo. Take time to choose the right gift.



Here's a gift that can't go wrong.




# InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Gift Set

with Unlimited Free Films



An "all-in-one"-"plug-n-play"-"ready-to-shoot" package at an incredible price.

US $ 526 / € 477 / HK $ 4,050




This Gift Set includes:

1. InstantFlex TL70 2.0

2. Neck Strap - Customized fit for TL70, with the beautiful MiNT logo engraved. Genuine leather with contrasting stitches. Made in Japan.

3. TL70 Lens Set - Shoot macro, reduce glare, and avoid over-exposure, all in one. Make wonderful photos fabulous.

4. Two packs of Fujifilm Instax mini films (Color & Monochrome)



Order now and you'll receive it before Christmas.




A little something for yourself




# Mint Flash Bar 2


US $ 102 / € 92 / HK $ 780





# Mint Lens Set



US $ 103 / € 93 / HK $ 790





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Would you dare to take this challenge?


4 Things To Do Before Wrapping Up 2017


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