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NEWS > Catch a glimpse of the city with Bigheadtaco


We can finally meet again after crossing 12979 km. No matter you are a digital or film fanatic, you should have watched his videos before because we are all his YouTube fans. He showed us various landmarks and allowed us to step back and to see our city again at a new angle.



The red taxi, skyscrapers in a concrete jungle, neon lights, busy commuters......He uses the SLR670-X to capture the most realistic moment of the city and records the scenes in the instant film. I believe you all know him. Please welcome the one and only...








Photo: @bigheadtaco | SLR670-X | Causeway Bay, Hong Kong



What makes us more excited is that ...... Yes! We are ready. One of the purposes that brings Bigheadtaco back is to shoot a new video. The content will be more in-depth than the last one and bring more insights to everyone.


See you in May!




What makes the SLR670-X so special?



SLR670-X gives you the ability to control shutter speed as well as the ISO sensitivity. You can even trigger external flash for capturing varied studio style lighting or adding a creative twist to your photos.



We completely replace the internal components of the camera – upgrading the motherboard and electric eye...Read more »



We receive thousands of enquires about how and what to use with their cameras every day, and information is very disperse online. That's why we are building a blog to share everything we know with you! We just got started, please help us out by commenting under the articles!


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Catch a glimpse of the city with Bigheadtaco


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