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NEWS > Let's celebrate the merger of Polaroid and Impossible!




MiNT, as a witness and participant of the Polaroid evolution, wishes to share the joy with you. This year as Polaroid celebrates the 80th anniversary, its brand and intellectual property has been acquired by The Impossible Project. This acquisition will definitely bring excitement to the community.


Let's review the history of Polaroid together!



The Golden Era of Instant Photography



Polaroid Corp was established by Dr. Edwin H. Land in 1937. The founder announced SX-70 in 1972 and has re-defined photography. Since then the world has been fascinated by the magic. Even after 4 decades SX-70 is still one of the most collectable items.



From Polaroid to Impossible Project




Photo from The Impossible Project


In 2008, Polaroid discontinued the production of instant film and this shocked the instant film community. Fortunately, the Impossible Project was founded to purchase a Polaroid factory in the Netherlands, restart production, and rebirth instant film. Thanks to them, we are still able to enjoy taking Polaroid photos with SX-70 that digital couldn’t match.



Ideal Combination of Legends



To this day, Polaroid announced its brand, intellectual property, patent etc. are officially acquired by the largest shareholder Impossible. With Impossible's vision and Polaroid's film technology, the future of instant photography has never been brighter. We want to thank Polaroid and Impossible, for their effort to continue the legacy of Polaroid.



Let's celebrate with the most classic Polaroid camera ever!


From aesthetics to mechanism, Polaroid SX-70 is the most legendary and delicate Polaroid film camera since 1970s. Every Polaroid SX-70 has its own history.



Polaroid SX-70 Model 1 Camera

Model 1 is the original version of SX-70 Polaroid film camera manufactured in 1972. It comes with a classic chrome body with brown skin. 





lt comes with 1 year warranty and lifelong VIP membership.



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Let's celebrate the merger of Polaroid and Impossible!


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