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NEWS > Beauty in Bloom! Chilling Out With InstantFlex TL70


Spring Loving. Chilling Out With InstantFlex TL70! 



Spring bloom are here once again, which means there will be tons of beautiful scenes and memories that need to be captured on film.




Photo: @alsaldivar, @annehollond


Perfect For Spring Bloom


This is the wonderful time for you to enjoy breathing the fresh air, walking around for the spring bloom and shooting with TL70 at Park. Enjoy mesmerizing depth of field that only aperture f/5.6 can bring to you. Simply beautiful.



Photo: @romain_sandt, @alter.ned.tive


Make Ordinary Days Extraordinary


Grab your InstantFlex TL70 now - it’s packed with tons of amazing features such as B mode for light painting, aperture control for shallow depth of field and double exposure for creative purpose, making it the best rating instant camera on B&H, DPReview and The Phoblographer.






Photo: @giuseppe_colnago, @alsaldivar, @annehollond, @romain_sandt







TL70 2.0 with Unlimited Free Films TL70 2.0 Gift Set with Unlimited Free Films



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Grab TL70, with Unlimited Free Films!



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Once you have bought a TL70, you can enjoy unlimited free films!





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Let's celebrate the merger of Polaroid and Impossible!


Beauty in Bloom! Chilling Out With InstantFlex TL70


∞ Unlimited Free Films for InstantFlex TL70 users like you!