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NEWS > Experience Danny Damian's Captivating Polaroid Street Portraits

Guess what we found during our daily internet escapades? A jaw-dropping project on YouTube showcasing the incredible talents of street photographer extraordinaire, Danny Damian!

Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour through the city streets, where Danny's lens dances with individuality and radiates a gentle vibe. We're bursting with excitement to unveil some of his stunning portraits – get ready to be wowed!



Beyond the realm of digital cameras, you'll spot him wielding the SX-70, accompanied by the Mint Flash Bar 2, conjuring Polaroid shots that are nothing short of textural wonders!

Yet, it's not merely about the gear – it's the photographer's creative mind that breathes life into the streets. Ready to embark on a journey through the lens of your instant camera?

A big shoutout to Danny for his incredible work! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel:

With the flash bar, you can ensure that your subjects exhibit beautifully balanced skin tones, even in low light or under yellowish indoor lighting.

Say goodbye to blurry pictures, because with its quick shutter speed, the flash bar can even capture the fine details of your hair in motion.


You can sync it to an external flash through the 2.5mm audio jack for precise control over your lighting. Experiment with dramatic shadows, soft highlights, and unlimited creative lighting possibilities.



In the world of street photography, the right equipment, creative vision, and impeccable lighting can be game-changers. At MiNT, our dedication to innovation revolves around catering to your needs, and our array of camera accessories aims to elevate your photography experience.

Enter MiNT Flash Bar 2 – the key to unlocking indoor and nighttime photography for your Polaroid SX-70. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into the SX-70's flashbar socket, it guarantees you're always prepared to seize those unforgettable moments.

Say goodbye to dark, underexposed photos.

Say goodbye to shaky, blurred shots.

Say goodbye to unwanted yellowish tones.

Say YES to ISO600 films without modding your camera.

Say YES to indoor photography like never before.

Say YES to sharper, crisper images with the Mint Flash Bar 2.


MiNT Flash Bar 2

The Essential Accessory for Your SX-70

MiNT Flash Bar 2 is a reusable electronic flash compatible with all SX-70 cameras. Say goodbye to indoor blurry photos, use ISO600 film without modding your camera, sync with external flashes... this accessory makes shooting polaroids a breeze.

Just snap it on and let the magic happen! ­

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Experience Danny Damian's Captivating Polaroid Street Portraits


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