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NEWS > Get Out and Enjoy the Magnificent Nature with SLR670-S


Get Out and Enjoy the Magnificent Nature with SLR670-S !




White clouds, blooming flowers, blue seashore... The beauty of nature is always dazzling and breathtaking. 

How could you miss the summer when there are many things to explore! Instead of being a couch potato, why not bring your SLR670-S and get sweaty in this amazing summer. Let's follow our shooting tips and capture the natural beauty instantly.


Photo: @djunotomsnipola


Choose A600 or adjust to a slower shutter speed,
e.g. from 1/125 to 1/2. This will lengthen the exposure time. Photos will express a rich lighting effect without being underexposed. Don't forget to use your tripod!


Photo: @lula_pola@djunotomsnipola@dougolupski 


Choose A100 or adjust to a faster shutter speed,
e.g. from 1/500 to 1/2000 to minimize the amount of light that reaches the film to avoid overexposure. You can get sharp and beautiful image under strong sunlight! 


Photo: @djunotomsnipola , @mingchan_mc


Use MiNT close-up lens,
reduce the closest focus distance from 25.4 cm (10 inches) to 12 cm (4.72 inches).  You can get a really stunning close-up shot!



Let's go somewhere you feel the most alive
with SLR670-S!


Experience no deterrent however the shooting environment you are in with 16 ultimate settings on Time Machine. Take a look at how to cast spells with different settings, and step into this shutter speed wonderland with SLR670-S.


Free Shipping



Complimentary Impossible frog tongue for shielding your photos from light when purchasing a SLR670-S. Strong sunlight is not your enemy anymore!



–––   Offer ends July 27, Act Fast!  –––


lt comes with 3 years warranty and lifelong VIP membership.


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Get Out and Enjoy the Magnificent Nature with SLR670-S


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