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NEWS > Extraordinary People, View, and Craft.



Extraordinary people.









expressive, and loyal to instant photography.

It’s YOU and your unique artworks, visual stories, framing everyday beauty - poetry with polaroids - that's keeping film alive.



Extraordinary view.







Adventures, Memories, Polaroids. The world is your canvas. The camera is your paintbrush. Paint outside the box. Set your imagination free.




Extraordinary craft.




Be Distinguished. Be Extraordinary.

Choose the best.


Classic body, modern features. Manual control with 16 shutter speeds. It suits your unique needs as an instant photographer longing for that brief decisive moment.



State-of-the-art (Auto + Manual)


Time Machine gives you control over your SX-70 camera - it lets YOU choose when and where you wanna shoot.



External Flash Sync







Special thanks to our analog friends:

SLR670-S / SLR670-X & Color 600, Round Frame Edition

@polaroid_daily_project, @polaroidsofseb, @i_am_matticus, @instantdenton, @aboxofpolaroids, @pola.nick, @mr_uglyface, @iheartinstantmemories.



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Extraordinary People, View, and Craft.


Adventure-Friendly Camera