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NEWS > Going out with InstantFlex TL70

Going out with InstantFlex TL70
on the extraordinary day






Wondering which camera to bring on your next trip?

Let InstantFlex TL70 2.0 be on your list.

Not just eye candy, TL70 is a timeless camera with a decent range of functions. "Timeless" has a second meaning here - you are not bounded when to shoot. Choose to shoot during the day. Choose to shoot during the night. Let us show you how to master this travel buddy!




Enjoy the sun!




Photo: Vicuña / @pinky2wj / Roberto


For daytime:


TIP#1: Use a smaller aperture (f/22)

TIP#2Use ND filters

TIP#3Use EV-

• Use a smaller aperture (f/22) or EV- to allow less light to enter.
• Add ND filters to reduce extra light from entering the camera and avoid over-exposure. You can use a larger aperture once the ND filter is applied. This is our favorite combination.




Photo: @ivany89





Perfect for exploration




Photo: Ming Chan / Kevin Chang / @annehollond / @ricardomrp_onlyfilm / miun



For nighttime:


TIP#1: Use a larger aperture (f/5.6)

TIP#2: Use the built-in flash

TIP#3: Use EV+

• Use a larger aperture (f/5.6) or EV+ to allow more light to enter.
• Try B mode for light painting or double exposure for creative effects! 
• Turn on the built-in flash to ensure enough light for your photos at night, especially good for portraits.


Ultimate Package

Package includes TL70 2.0 camera, genuine leather neck strap, Lens Set and 2 packs of Fujifilm Instax mini film. 




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Going out with InstantFlex TL70


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