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NEWS > Good News & Bad News


Dear Friends of MiNT,


I have good news and bad news.


Bad news is: The virus has been affecting millions of people, and it has forced us to slow down some of our projects. Fortunately no one on our team or family member is infected. I hope each one of you stay safe.


10 years ago, if Polaroid didn't decide to shut down the factory in Enschede, Dr Florian Kaps wouldn't have went all the way to Netherlands to save it. There wouldn't be The Impossible Project. Polaroids would have become a thing of the past. Millions of cameras would now become obsolete.


If it weren't for the factory shutdown, we wouldn't have Polaroid film to shoot with today. Thanks to the people who held out hope.



10 years ago, if the economy wasn't shrinking and I landed a job, I wouldn't have founded MiNT. I wouldn't have met the amazing customers that I now call friends and wonderful teammates that I love working with. And I definitely wouldn't have had the opportunity to create the incredible cameras that we are so proud of. The market would be just plastic toy instant cameras.


There would be no SLR670 // RF70 // TL70

There would be no Mint Flash Bar // Mint Lens Set // Self(ie) Timer


Although I'm saddened by what's happening, I'm optimistic that things will get better.






Good news is, my daughter Sophie was born this month!



I hope this picture brings hope. Hope that things will change for the better. A reminder that life, no matter how fragile, will endure as long as we stay strong and care for each other. Again, I thank all of you who have been by our side on this amazing journey.




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P.S. We are offering free shipping on cameras this month. All orders will be shipped as usual.



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Good News & Bad News


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