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NEWS > Happy Lunar New Year. Let’s learn Chinese!


Chinese Lunar New Year, which also known as Spring Festival, is just around the corner. With the Year of Rooster coming up, we would like to teach you some basic Chinese. Mark Zuckerberg learns Chinese, Donald Trump’s granddaughter speaks Chinese and so can you!


If you are new to it, why not start from learning some practical photographic terms? We bet you will love this and our new year featured camera - InstantFlex TL70!



[ 攝影 ]

shè yǐng

Photography(n), to photograph(v)


Photo: @idletype, @instaxaday, @miun | InstantFlex TL70 2.0


Spring Festival is reminiscent of festivity and family gatherings. Best time to photograph your love with InstantFlex TL70. It takes only 3 steps to take photos. (Video here) Newborn nephew sleeping in his mother’s arm, the New Year Flower you have just brought, relatives greeting each other… Don’t let ordinary cameras limit your creativity.




[ 光圈 ]

guāng quān



TL70 is the only instant film camera designed to have aperture control. With 5 aperture settings, you can enjoy shooting with amazing depth of field.


 Aperture setting includes f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, f/bokeh 


Larger aperture(f/5.6) = smaller depth of field = the foreground in focus while the background looks far more blurry

Smaller aperture(f/22) = greater depth of field = the whole picture looks clear



f/5.6                                                                  f/22


Photo: @annehollond | InstantFlex TL70 2.0


 Tips: Use f/5.6. It is the largest aperture you can find among all Instax film cameras nowsdays. A great artistic tool to create great image!




[ 對焦 ]

duì jiāo

Focusing(n), to focus(v)


InstantFlex TL70 has got a focusing wheel. You can either choose to focus on the foreground, the middle ground or the background. It’s just up to you.


 Tips: The waist-level viewfinder is one thing you can’t miss. Leave the film at home, take your camera only. Show people your daily life in an extraordinary perspective. The result will sometimes surprise you. Get inspired here >> #TL70Lookout




Photo: @leies, @barbaracsreis, @vanillalotus | InstantFlex TL70 2.0




yī' èr sān

One… two… three




xiào yī gè







These moments last forever.





Photo: Kan Chan, DPReview, @jim.bhai | InstantFlex TL70 2.0




Let TL70 Make New Year's Days Extraordinary


Start creating your book of 2017 with this timeless camera now. Make the first chapter an extraordinary one!


InstantFlex TL70 Camera


 Best rating instant film camera on B&H (Rating: 4.5/5.0)
 The greatest innovations in Photography 2016 by the Phoblographer
 The photographer’s choice by DPReview



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Happy Lunar New Year. Let’s learn Chinese!


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