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NEWS > If Santa had a SLR670-S... #MakeChristmasDaysExtraordinary



If Santa had a SLR670-S, he would do these to




Photo: @glassydream | SLR670m



Capturing the delicate decorations and amazing surroundings




Photo: @slr670 | SLR670m


Christmas is a celebration of love. Stockings are hung with care and everyone is waiting for Santa's arrival, looking forward to magical things. Using SLR670-S under low light situation, you never need to worry about shaky blurry photos. Just simply use high ISO film and set a faster shutter speed, e.g. from 1/1000 to 1/250.


Tip: use the close up lens to get closer to the subject from 25.4 cm (10 inches) to 12 cm (4.72 inches). Get closer to see the lovely details.



  Freezing the Christmas lights and intoxicating city views  






Photo: @mingchan_mc, @ltpaperhouse | SLR670-S


Apart from the astounding decoration, the Christmas light and night view are marvellous. Every city and town put their color lights up to make it Christmasy.


It's wonderful to bring SLR670-S with you to enjoy lively Christmas nights. Just adjust to a slower shutter speed or B mode, e.g. from 1/60 to 1/15. This will lengthen the exposure time and brighten the photo to a richer lighting effect without being overexposed.


Tip: Use B mode on SLR670-S Time Machine to be more creative, such as Light Painting.



  Capturing every moment of your family  






Photo: @gems_polaroids, Justin Molina, Eric Luk | SLR670-S


The happiest memories are to spend the holidays or count down new year's eve with the family. We know that you don't want to miss a single moment. That's why we bring you SLR670-S.


You can shoot great portraits according to the lighting with different shutter settings. Even a running little girl, or family greeting each other. You can keep the moment forever. Let SLR670-S Make Christmas Days Extraordinary.


Tip: when shooting portrait, shoot under bright light situation to bring out vividness.




Let SLR670-S Make Christmas Days Extraordinary


This is a great opportunity to get the camera you’ve been waiting for, or prepare a mind-blowing gift for the special someone in your life. Grab one now!





Give your loved ones the gift of a lifetime


SLR670-S offers the best of both worlds - high and low ISO sensitivity, auto and manual mode. It is an all in one camera. lt allows you to adjust the shutter speed manually. Enjoy shooting in all lighting conditions now! More about the features →




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If Santa had a SLR670-S... #MakeChristmasDaysExtraordinary


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