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NEWS > Travel Mementos - Instant Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Adventure



The early morning and late afternoon sun reflecting on the Arc de Triomphe. Look closely and you'll notice that the Arc de Triomphe is wrapped (by Christo and Jeanne-Claude).

Photos: @polaroidsofseb ─ SLR670-S

Ever thought of making artwork by combining Polaroid photos? Instant photographer @shatin.hendrix crafted some stunning collages of the city. Explore the city and present it in your unique perspective.


Same place but different time

Left: morning | Right: dusk

Photos: @shatin.hendrix ─ SLR670-S


Get to know more about the architecture and history of the city. The Royal Pavilion and surrounding gardens is a Grade I listed former royal palace located in England. Construction started in 1787. The palace stands out for its Indo-Saracenic style right in the middle of Brighton.

Photos: @photokathy_lomo ─ InstantKon RF70

Royal Pavilion.


Built in the desert sand, an air of mystery has always surrounded the Pyramids and Sphinx. It would be a truly magical experience to see these greatest mysteries in person and stay until the end of the day in Egypt.

Photos: @annehollond ─ InstantKon SF70

Late afternoon sun hitting just right, July 2022.

Now it's your turn to present your unique perspective.

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Travel Mementos - Instant Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Adventure


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