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NEWS > Introducing the All-in-One SLR670 (Type i) Camera!

Introducing the All-in-One

SLR670 Camera!

Why i-Type films?

More choice - By using the range of i-Type films, you gain access to a wider variety of film options.​ Whether you're looking for vibrant colors, black and white, or special editions, the i-Type films offer a range of choices to suit your artistic vision​.

Cheaper - Choosing i-Type films can be a cost-effective option for your instant photography. These films are designed specifically for use with i-Type cameras, eliminating the need for a battery in the film pack. This helps reduce the overall cost of each shot​.

More reliable formula ​and better color saturation - i-Type films are built with an improved formula that delivers reliable and consistent results. You can expect enhanced color saturation, sharper details, and better overall image quality.

Special frames - i-Type films offer ​many ​special frames ​like the ​David Bowie edition, black frames, Metallic Spectrum, Golden Moments, ​Summer edition, and more.

Polaroid puts significant resources into i-Type films, offering a wide range of choices at more affordable prices. These films represent the future of ​Polaroid photography, making it crucial for ​you and your camera​ to have access to such film options.



Introducing the newest addition to the SLR670 family

We are calling it SLR670 (Type i)

Compatible with SX-70, 600, and i-Type Films.

S​LR670 (Type i) ​​is incredibly versatile when it comes to film options.​ SLR670 (Type i) can use all types of film without compromise.​ While the original SLR670 cameras can only use SX-70 and 600 films, the SLR670 (Type i) can use any type of film, with or without batteries, including Polaroid's i-Type film.

SLR670 (Type i) uses ALL film types, without any setup. An internal sensor automatically detects the type of film being used, eliminating the need for manual configuration. It’s so much easier. Just insert the film and shoot.

MANUAL ​+ ​AUTO + External Flash​.

While adding the new upgrade, SLR670 (Type i) preserves the best features of our best-selling SLR670. With both auto (A600/A100) and manual modes, you have complete control over your photos, capturing vivid, high-quality images that bring out every detail.

But there's more. Choose the SLR670-X (Type i) and you can connect the external flash. Illuminate your subjects, create stunning studio-style lighting, or add a unique creative touch to your Polaroid photos. The possibilities are endless when you have the flexibility of an external flash.

Fast charging and long battery life.

SLR670 (Type i) allows you to shoot 30 packs of film nonstop, and has a standby battery life of 1 year. It has fast charging via the widely available USB-C, and you can safely connect an external power supply while using it for heavy duty shooting.

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Super easy to use!

Extra thin design!

Environmentally friendly

Safe Shipping


SLR670 (Type i) is the ultimate masterpiece of our manual control series. It delivers outstanding performance and film versatility packed into an incredibly compact design.​ Start capturing your memories in stunning Polaroid style today!

SLR670-X MING (Type i)


Due to the time-consuming production of components, the initial batch of Type i cameras is only available in BLACK. Leading the way is the highly popular SLR670-X MING edition, with only 24 pieces available. Act quickly to secure one for yourself!

Extremely limited quantity

Only 24 pcs available


More news


The wait is over! The long-awaited Classic Brown (Type i) is finally here.


Introducing the All-in-One SLR670 (Type i) Camera!


If you could only own one camera, this would be it — SLR670.