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NEWS > Keeping the SX-70 Alive

The SX-70 Crisis

When our founder first founded MiNT, the mission was to keep the SX-70 alive. What seemed like a simple task of refurbishing a SX-70, is actually getting harder and harder. For one thing, nice SX-70s are harder and harder to find. The world is running out of 'mint condition' components.

What can be done to keep the SX-70 alive?

The Solution

To prevent the world from running out of SX-70s, MiNT is replacing end-of-life components with newly designed ones to save as many cameras as possible.

This solution is far from perfect. We cannot custom-make every single component of the camera. It will cost a lot of money and some components are simply too difficult to replicate, such as the fresnel lens inside the SX-70. (Of course, nothing is impossible.) There are many parts that are reaching their end of life and need to be replaced by newly designed components.

Can you recognize these SX-70 components?

The benefits are clear. SX-70s with new circuit boards and newly designed components are clearly more reliable and produce much better results.

“The SX-70 is a complex system, and a system is only as strong as its weakest link.”

We're not talking about tweaking the camera here and there with simple mods. It simply does not suffice. The SX-70 is a complex system, and a system is only as strong as its weakest link. If we tweak the camera, it only changes a single part of the system. The weakest part still remains, the camera eventually breaks. That is why for the SLR670 we are replacing the whole electronic system to make it more reliable and user-friendly.

An ad from the 1970s

We think we can do better by redesigning more than just the electronic system, but also remake and replace other end-of-life components. Our artisans and engineers are pouring 120% blood and sweat retrieving these gorgeous cameras Dr Edwin Land invented.

None of this will not work without your support. Get a SLR670. Thousands of users have tried and you'll find plenty of positive reviews online.


US$999959 | HK$7680


US$919899 | HK$7070

Limited Time Offer

Complimentary Polaroid Frog Tongue when purchasing an SLR670.

Offer ends Sep 7.

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