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NEWS > MiNT's 1st Square Camera




S- Square

F- Format

You've heard about it.

They've talked about it.

It's finally here.


Thanks for waiting, we assure you, it was worth the wait.


Pioneer Reviews


“    I received my camera few weeks ago (I was one of the first backers) and am loving it so far! Such a fun camera… it’s my first instant camera and am absolutely hooked! The folding design and manual control is amazing and the flash works great too!
@fostewi_film, Toronto

“    If you want a camera that gives you control over depth of field, unlimited multiple exposures, the ability to fully control your exposure variables and yet still have auto capability then it’s probably a good camera for you.
@myinstantimages, Tamworth

“    I’m really FALLing for this camera. lt's so fun! And the photos are incredible!
@annehollond, Washington


Four years ago, MiNT bet everything on an unthinkable idea - a foldable rangefinder instant camera. It later became known as the RF70, which is the best instant camera to date (besides the SLR670). Now we're taking what we learnt from the RF70, listening to what people loved and hated, and introducing the SF70.


A special thank you to VIPs and backers. SF70 is the first camera to be freshly baked from our new factory, from start to finish.




A Classic Reimagined. Full Manual Control. Truly Analogue. We just want to take a moment here to say this: The so-far success of MiNT is the aggregate of thousands of supporters (you), partners, a handful of very helpful friends and suppliers, and the very dedicated and passionate team at MiNT.


It would never be possible to make not just 1, 2, but now 3 cameras, without the help from all of you. While camera sales across all major camera brands are slumping, camera factories closing, film being discontinued; we have been very fortunate to have found a way to keep going. How?


With limited resources, our core strategy is to avoid fancy marketing campaigns, and just focus on doing great work, making great products, delivering happiness to the customer - betting that the word will spread. And thankfully it seems to be working. So, once again, THANK YOU!!





InstantKon SF70


Strictly Limited Stock: 24pcs only




  Buy now, ships tomorrow  

Don't miss out!

Grab yours now to receive it in time for Christmas.





Photos: @instantphotobyseb & @myinstantimages



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MiNT's 1st Square Camera


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