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NEWS > Mint Lens Set - power up your Polaroid SX-70 camera now!

Mint Lens Set (Specs)
Lens holder | Full frame fisheye lens | Yellow filter | Blue filter | Neutral Density filter | Close up lens
The whole set of SX-70 Lens Kit includes Full-Frame Fisheye lens, Yellow filter K2, Blue filter 80B, Neutral Density filter and Close-up lens. The lens holder is compatible with all SX-70 cameras including SX-70 Sonar, SLR680 and SLR690. You can directly adapt the lens holder behind your camera lens and feel free to try different lens by simply changing the lens filter. Malleable and easy to carry around, all of the filters are made of glass with up to 91% transparency. So, you won't need to adjust the exposure meter for a properly exposed picture.



                                                                                                                       (test shots of fisheye lens)

Creative angle, creative mind.

Our new full-frame fisheye lens was designed to deliver amusement. Equipping your Polaroid SX-70 with fisheye lens can bring you a new experience and distinctive visual effects, breaking the usual composition with a new creative perspective to capture those surprising moments. When you are taking a picture with it, you can capture a wider angle. The streetscape of New York, with a lot of pedestrians and densely populated sky-scrapers will no longer be a challenge to the square Polaroid frame. Exaggerated deformation will give you interesting effects.



                                                                                     (test shots of blue filter)

 Filling the natural blue on the sky and everywhere 

BLUE-FILTER 80B. This glass filter has a transmission curve similar to 80B with 91% transparency. Raises color temperature from 3400K to 5500K. Corrects excessive reddish cast when using daylight film with photo-flood lamps. Blue works fabulously with color shade film PX70 and PX680. The colors are completely mesmerizing. We strongly recommend you to try it. 





                                                                                                                   (test shots of yellow filter)

 Paint the beautiful details 

YELLOW FILTER K2. This glass filter has a transmission curve similar to K2 with 91% transparency. Yellow works well with silver shade film PX600 and PX100. Intensify the contrast and increase the details of your monochrome pictures, especially when shooting landscape and the sky.





                                                                                                          (test shots of close up lens)

 Get it closer, see it clearly 

Normally your SX-70 camera can only focus to 25.4cm. With close up lens, you can get as close as 12cm. There are good reasons for using the close up lens. First, we may not be able to get that close when shooting some subjects because of the minimum focus length. Also, you can achieve a higher magnification than what the normal mode can provide. With close up, you can move back, zoom in, and shoot. You can get a marvelous depth of field effect using this simple technique.






 (test shots of ND filter)

 Manage the right exposure for you 

Using ND filter with high sensitivity film such as PX680 / PX600 (ISO600) in Polaroid SX-70 will give you natural results. ND filter was developed so that you could use ISO600 Impossible Film in Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Fitting the filter on the lens will adjust films such as PX680 Color Shade or PX600 Silver Shade films to approximately ISO100, just right for your camera. Avoid over-exposure. You can also use the ND filter when you are shooting PX70/PX100 (ISO100) film outdoors.




Mint Lens Set

Power up your Polaroid SX-70 camera

available now


Mint Lens Set official page:




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Mint Lens Set - power up your Polaroid SX-70 camera now!


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