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NEWS > Hidden Hero at MiNT - Our repair master!


"Hidden Hero"
Our Camera Repair Master!




You should probably notice MiNT provides camera servicing, but who is the one doing this work? Today, we are here to unveil the mystery!


"I am KT, one of the professional repair masters at MiNT. Now I'm 60 and I have 1 daughter and 1 son." 


3 adjectives to describe yourself.
I would say I am practical, sincere, and passionate. Like camera repairing, when I can't locate the problem, I need to do it step by step instead of rushing through. Revitalising SX-70 is my mission and I hope every user will enjoy this companion.


Things you like to do in your leisure time?
Usually I spend 1-1.5 hrs at the gym because camera repair requires sitting at the workshop all day long. Due to my age and little workout, I'm starting to afraid my body function will decline, like camera parts. So I workout as much as I can in my free time, to keep myself healthy.

The most challenging moment for camera repairing?
When camera is not responding even if a fresh pack of film is loaded. I need to inspect the parts piece by piece. This is the most time consuming and challenging part.


The most impressive repair experience?

It is when I receive On Jai@C All Star's SX70, which I repaired twice. And probably because he is a celebrity and I have heard his songs before. It was quite emotional for me.


Which component would you be if you were a part of SX-70?
I would want to become the lens. Because I wouldn't need to move a lot like motors nor squeezed like gears but I could see the world clearly. 

Places you want to go if you are given an SX-70?
Instead of places, I care more about the people around me, especially my family. So I want to go to places where my family is around.


1 thing you've always longed for?
I have always been wanting to travel around the world. I wish to sail on a cruise ship and enjoy the beauty of nature. 


 If you get to choose a customer to be your repair client, who would you choose?

I will choose PhilV. He is extremely passionate about polaroid photography. During our discussion, I can feel his determination to understand cameras and the desire to master at it. I hope his cameras will always be in good shape for him to capture more beautiful faces.


Click the Polaroid below to see
the daily work of our repair master! >>



MiNT provides refurbishment, cleaning and maintenance service. We bring the Polaroid instant photography experience to a whole new level by providing exceptional customer support and after sales service. If your camera needs service, repair, or restoration, feel free to send us your cameras! We are here to make that process as convenient for you as possible. 



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Hidden Hero at MiNT - Our repair master!


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