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NEWS > Introducing a New Timepiece by MiNT Camera


Introducing: The MiNT Timepiece series



Where did the inspiration for our line of time pieces come from? After his morning coffee, KT is always inspecting each and every SX-70 he completes the same way: raising the camera up, adjusting the focus wheel and taking a photo. And the whole time he’s done this, he’s been wearing a watch.


But one day, his watched failed due to mechanical problems. He joked that if we could fix and design new cameras, repairing and making a watch should be easy!




This timepiece is specifically designed for those who love photography: for photographers, by photographers. Each style represents a different aspect of photography:


- Instanteer: instant photography

- Wanderer: urban exploration

- Monochrome: B&W photography

- OneThirtyFive: a reference to 135 films



Timepiece by MiNT Camera








For photographers, by photographers.


Each design is inspired by key elements of photography: show off your artistic personality and style as a photographer even when you don't have your camera with you.


Please note: this is a limited release with only 50 pieces available of each style




The minimalist design of our timepieces paired with their extraordinary versatility allows you to wear them in any setting - formal work settings or out in the world hunting for that perfect shot.



✧ Limited Time Offer ✧


Purchase today and we’ll include an extra strap of a different color to match your watch case - for free!








All proceeds will be used to develop future cameras – we’re currently working on a couple right now. Be part of something big with a small contribution to MiNT that will help take us – and instant photography – to new heights!

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Introducing a New Timepiece by MiNT Camera


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