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NEWS > New Year's Resolution: Here's our list


From Ordinary to Extraordinary


Here's our New Year's Resolution


#1 Convert 3 friends to instant film photography. (Don't be selfish)

#2 Go for the extraordinary. (Don't settle for average)

#3 Deliver the best instant film cameras. (Don't ship junk)

#4 Keep pushing the boundaries of instant film photography. (Don't conform)

#5 Make every day extraordinary! (Be extraordinary)


#2 Go for the extraordinary. Don't settle for average.




“ Love the depth of field with the 5.6 aperture. TL70 camera is outstanding - hands down, my favourite for Instax mini film. ”

- @annehollond



Photo: DPReview, romain_sandt & Kan Cheng



“ I would definitely say if you are looking for more control and artistic "look" to your photos, I'd choose the Mint camera. ”

- @film_chimera




“ TL70 continues to amaze me. I'm learning this camera more every day. Controlling the aperture/depth of field and the spectacular manual focus sets this camera apart from all others in this format. In summary, this camera rocks... ”

- @troybradfordphotos




Hello 2017! Now is the time to go from ordinary to extraordinary.


InstantFlex TL70 Camera


Happy New Year!


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A timeless camera that grows old with you - SLR670-S


New Year's Resolution: Here's our list


For one day when you look back... #MakeFamilyDaysExtraordinary

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